In this 5-minute video, I'll show you how I farm Icecrown Citadel 25-man raid After accepting the heroic lockout, run to the teleporter in Light's Hammer and 


Körde firelands hc 25man, försöker nu köra hc 10man men är trots det locked på All lockouts are shared, if you do any raid on 10 man, the lockout will be the 

Strict Instance-based Lockout Used for: All classic raids ( Molten Core through Sunwell ), Heroic difficulty of Wrath of the Lich King raids through Throne of Thunder, and all Mythic difficulty raids. 2012-04-20 · In Cataclysm, when the raiding design changed to the current format where both 10- and 25-man raids would get the same loot and share a lockout, the party line has been that if you prefer one So it's starting to look like 5.1 might have some surprises in store for raiders. The Korean World of Warcraft website had this update today stating that in 5.1, 10 and 25-man lockouts will no longer be shared for KR realms--a call back to the days of Wrath of the Lich King where the lockouts were separate and many considered 25-man raids to be vastly more beneficial than 10-man raids. So, shared loot and shared lockouts are good, good things, as they make the 25 raiders actually have to compete with people who run 10s, instead of getting Hardmode 10s loot for just showing up. I'm likewise thrilled because heroic 10s gear will actually make us competitive in heroic 25s, instead of being a downgrade. 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes.

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Looking at specific mounts from, for example, Dragon Soul, it mentions that the mount drops: from Ultraxion on normal or heroic (10 or 25) Does the difficulty share the lockout, or the number of players? Ie. Can I run 25 Normal and 25 Heroic in the same week?

i did bastion of twillight 25 man heroic. i changed it into 25 man normal, 10 man normal and 10 man heroic when i was outside the raid. when i went inside then it automaticly changed to 25 man heroic. did it each time before i went in. Bastion of Twilight Heroic would still use the old Strict Instance-based Lockout system (more info below)

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2011-02-04 · Nope 10 and 25 man raids now share the same lock out so if you do one then you have to wait until next week to try the other.

Many groups will do progression with a 25 man group, then do a clean-up with their top 10 man group. 2010-04-26 · Part of the perception of “LOL 10 mans are ezy-mode” comes from the fact that in Wrath, the 10 man versions of raids are basically tuned for gear that is a full tier behind the 25 man raids. By starting a new tier’s 10 mans with 25 man gear from the previous tier, it’s currently like running the instances with the gear you would have after farming the new instance for several weeks. 2010-04-26 · 10- and 25- man raids in Cataclysm will share the same lockout; Normal versus Heroic mode will be chosen on a per-boss basis in Cataclysm raids, the same way it works in Icecrown Citadel Ok, here's the deal. I started ICC on 10man Hero. Attempting to swap to 25 man, it won't let me.

Do 10man and 25 man raids share lockout

5.) Make sure the raid difficulty is correct. (25 man normal for ICC. Just normal for any other raid) 6.) Enter raid, Accept Lockout (For ICC, you need to switch the difficulty to heroic when inside and accept the lockout again) 7.) Once accepted, Kill the boss on your alt character, once killed, leave the raid and relog to another alt think it has to do whit the thing that both black temple and siege is flex raid now, meening it says 10 man due to it being the minimun needed for it, similar as to how all raids after that works, like if you are 10 man it says 10man, and if you are 15 man it says 15 man. Post by Korosteam The separate lockout has only happend on Korean realms. US/EU realms still have a shared lockout. I would enjoy that separate lockout but I doubt they will separate the 10/25 raids on US/EU servers. So it's starting to look like 5.1 might have some surprises in store for raiders.
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Do 10man and 25 man raids share lockout

Heroic loot will be, like in Icecrown, just a buffed up version of the Normal loot.

I'm seeing this as follows: LFR - I'd like to raid. Flex - I'd like to raid with people I know (a lot more people in this level than in the next) Normal - I'd like to raid with competence SoO onwards you can do normal, heroic and mythic, as blizzard used SoO as the testing grounds of the WoD raid difficulty system. ICC though Cata raids if you did a raid on 10 man it would have a different lock out then 25 man but yes the heroic and norrmal for these raids within the size setting were the same.
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The only time we ran a 10man was last tuesday because people were still leveling up, but from what we've seen certain trash mobs hit about as hard in 10 man as they do in 25, making the former a lot more difficult to deal with. Magmaw raid damage is very harsh in 10 man but caused no problems at all in 25.

doomfist 8 years ago #2. Drops more loot.